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- Helpful Information about RV Types and Styles -

Recreation vehicles, or RVs, comprise a whole family of vehicles that combine transportation, storage, and living quarters for recreation travel. Some provide a simple place for sleeping and eating, while others are virtually luxury accommodations on wheels.

Conveniences range from the basics -- running water, cooking and bathroom facilities, and a power source (either electricity or liquid propane), to added comforts like air conditioning, entertainment systems and slide-outs.

For many people, RVing is a lifestyle. It's a way to bring everything you need with you in order to feel at home wherever you go. It's often more affordable, pet-friendly, and allows you to see so much more than you would with other types of travel.

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RV Categories

Towable RVs and Trailers

These RVs must be towed by a motorized vehicle. Some are even small enough to be towed by a car, but most require an SUV or truck. They do not require on-site hookups. Towable RVs are great options for snow-birds who want a living area they can leave in one place and drive around locally.

truck camper TRUCK CAMPER (18-21 ft): This unit is loaded onto the bed of a pickup (usually 4WD). It is best for short trips and small numbers of people. It can include a toilet. An advantage to the camper is easy parking as well as affordability.

TEARDROP TRAILER (Off-The-Grid Camper Trailers) (Compact, 8-10 ft): Smaller and lighter weight than its cousin the pop-up camper, easy to maneuver through traffic. The unit includes cabinet storage, a bed for 2 people, battery powered lights, electrical outlets, and a hatchback kitchen galley with an LP stove, water and food storage. Most family cars with a hitch should be able to tow these trailers as they weigh less than 1,100 pounds. teardrop trailer

pop-up trailer POP-UP TRAILER (Folding/Tent Camper) (15-23 ft): This is essentially a tent on wheels. It is lightweight and has slide-outs. Pop-Ups feel like open-air tent camping but provide more weather protection and comfort. It's affordable and easy to tow. The unit includes a stove, icebox, and cold water; luxury versions can include a fridge, A/C, shower/toilet, and hot water.

HYBRID TRAILER (15-30 ft): The hybrid is a combination of a hard-sided trailer and a Pop-Up. The trailer is lowered when being pulled so it offers a more stable driving experience and better fuel efficiency. hybrid trailer

travel trailer TRAVEL TRAILER (12-36 ft): This trailer is usually towed behind a truck or SUV but with the newer compact trailer it may even be towed with a car. It features multiple slide-outs and is easy to set up. The trailer can sleep 8-10 people comfortably.

TOY HAULER (Sports Utility Trailer) (21-40 ft): This trailer is a favorite for its' versatility. There is a living space at the front and a "garage" in the rear. The rear opens to the outside for easy loading/unloading of ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts and bikes. It's easy to hose down the back "garage" when it becomes dirty. Luxury versions include a hydraulic sleeper bed in the "garage" area as well as a bathroom. The front section has the same features as a typical Travel Trailer. sports utility trailer

fifth wheel trailer, 5th wheel trailer FIFTH-WHEEL TRAILER (21-40 ft): Designed to be affixed and towed behind a truck equipped with a hitch in the truck bed; these trailers have a stable tow. The raised forward section allows for the greatest living area of all towable RVs. Fifth-Wheel travel trailers come equipped with all the comforts of home, and are perfectly adaptable for weekend getaways, family vacations and full-timing. They can sleep up to 6 people.

Motorized RVs

These types of RVs are built on a motorized vehicle chassis and are designed to be temporary living quarters. They are also able to haul cars and boats, which provides more opportunities to travelers once the destination is reached.

TYPE A MOTORHOME (21-40 ft): There are 2 classes of Type A Motorhomes. The Type A Gas Motorhome is considered a luxury RV and is fueled by unleaded gas. It does not involve as much maintenance as the Type A Diesel Pusher. The Type A Diesel Pusher is the largest RV. It is essentially a luxury home on wheels. The diesel engine allows for easier towing. Both classes of Type A RVs are mostly used for long trips and full-time travelers. type a motorhome

type b motorhome TYPE B MOTORHOME (Conversion Van) (16-21 ft): This RV allows for easy parking and local travel. It's raised roof provides cabinet space. It features a small kitchen, including a stove, sink, and mini-fridge, as well as a toilet area. The bed is usually in the rear. Luxury versions can include an entertainment center.

TYPE B+ MOTORHOME (16-30 ft): Just between Type B and Type C motorhomes, the Type B+ offers more living space than a Type B and better gas mileage than a Type C. It often includes slide-outs to extend living space as well as an attic over the cab, generally used for storage or entertainment rather than sleeping. type b plus motorhome

type c motorhome TYPE C MOTORHOME (Mini Motorhome) (20-28 ft): This RV is great for families and can sleep up to 10 people. The attic above the cab adds even more sleeping room and it features multiple slide-outs. It is built on a van frame with an attached cab section.

SLEEPER BUS (Tour Bus/Entertainment Coach/Nightliner) (average 45 ft): These buses are usually used for touring musicians. They include comfortable lounges, air conditioning, large screen TVs, and bunk beds. They can accommodate 8 to 18 people. Often, sleeper buses feature blacked out windows. Many include a TV, game console, and DVD/Blu-ray player for each bunk. Some buses may even include WI-FI and memory foam mattresses. bus type motorhome

This information is brought to you courtesy of the Colorado Recreational Vehicle Association

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