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Hunting, Guides and Outfitters in Colorado
Businesses listed may have hunting, guided or unguided, on site or within a short distance.

Hunting Information

Tips for Choosing a Licensed Outfitter

Commercial outfitters and guides help many hunters get the most out of the hunting season. A permit system is set up to make sure outfitters and guides operate in a safe and professional manner. It also protects your investment in their services. The following are a few basic question that you might ask a guide or outfitter before booking a hunt.

  • Decide if you want a full-service guided hunt, or a drop-off camp type hunt. What type of transportation do you prefer? Do you want to hunt for deer, elk, or both? Do you have a preferred region of the state to hunt?
  • How will you be hunting? Will you be hunting on foot, horseback, or four-wheel-drive
    vehicles. There may be physical limitations that you need to consider before picking a specific type of hunt.
  • What type of accommodations are provided? Will you be staying in tents, cabins, or a full-blown resort or ranch?
  • How many hunters will there be per guide? While there is a cost factor, do not accept more than three hunters per guide.
  • What about food? Will the guide accommodate special dietary needs?
  • Ask the guide for advice on clothing and equipment that you may be required to supply. Although most of your equipment may be provided, you will still need to brig your own rifle, all-weather clothing and personal items.
  • What is the price of the hunt? Are there any fees expected? Things like packing an animal out, capping a head mount, processing or tipping may be additional.

Remember to ask for references. A good guide usually has repeat business every year.

Hunter Responsibility

  • THINK OF SAFETY FIRST AND SHOOTING GAME SECOND. Maintain your equipment so it functions properly and poses no safety threat to yourself or others.
  • HAVE RESPECT FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC PROPERTY. Always ask for permission to hunt on private land. Talk with land managers before going afield. Respect the land and drive only on developed roadways.
  • UNDERSTAND THE REGULATION FOR THE AREA WHERE YOU ARE HUNTING. Report violations of the law to authorities and property vandalism to landowners.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET AND NEVER TAKE A SHOT UNTIL YOU ARE CERTAIN OF THE SPECIES. Do not hunt out of season or before or after shooting hours.
  • RESPONSIBILITY INCLUDES CARE OF GAME. Show restraint if offered a poor shot. Do not leave wounded animals to suffer inhumanely. Animals and even game birds should be quickly field dressed and cared for to prevent meat spoilage.
  • TRANSPORT GAME FROM THE FIELD IN A WAY THAT DOES NOT OFFEND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Displaying a carcass on the front hood or bumper of a vehicle is offensive to many.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR APPEARANCE AND BEHAVIOR IN PUBLIC PLACES. Conduct yourself in a way that will not bias others' opinions of hunters.
  • DO NOT LEAVE TRASH AND LITTER - including spent shotshells and cartridge cases - in the forest, field or campground.

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